EVLN: Kia 30kWh 92mi Soul EV r-city/hwy:202/152km
The 2018 Soul EV can travel an average of 180 kilometers on a single charge
... The all-electric Soul boxcar can run 152 km per charge on the highway
and 202 km in downtown ...
EVLN: 2017 VW e-Golf First Drive> A Golf first, an Electric second
VW's sole electric car in the US – which it currently only offers in ten
states – it's the vanguard of the automaker's big electrification push due
in 2020, when a ...
EVLN: GM's frugal(not-trying) ultra-slow Bolt rollout effort= nil public
awareness, availability
5 Months Of Chevrolet Bolt Sales: What Do The Numbers Tell Us ...
The Chevrolet Bolt is an impressive car and in several ways a breakthrough
electric vehicle (EV). So why aren't Bolts flying off dealer lots and
shattering EV sales records ...

LA-CA's WOLFPACK 901_ drivetribe (car-club) member's Porsche EV is not a
An environmentalist-Nazi is something that can only exist in LA ... (?)
ChargePoint(L2)& Instavolt(L3) partner across UK> (even w/ Ecotricity
eHighway lo$$es)
ChargePoint and Instavolt partner to deliver new rapid charging network
US electric vehicle charging giant ChargePoint has teamed up with the newly
formed operator Instavolt to see the first 200 rapid chargers of a new EV
network ...
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