EVLN: Elextra Super Swiss EV> (a Tesla tickler) r:600km ts:250kph
Swiss-designed, all-electric, four-door supercar to tackle Tesla
Imagine a fully-electric sedan that combines a carbon fiber body with
Italian styling two electric motors, one on each axle ... only 100 units,
each hand-built near ...
EVLN: Sun_Valley-ID students DIY convert pu-truck> problem solving to seeing
wheels turn= a teaching tool
Blaine County students make electric car out of small pickup truck
 ... built by students at the Community School in Sun Valley as part of
Scott Runkel's environmental ... Science Class Converts Learning To Energy
... to be a part of the Idaho Education Technology Conference in Boise ...
EVLN: 48V conversion step by step> showing any ice can be reused
ProWatt – Blue Power electric car
Electric production cars seem to becoming more popular, as are electric
motive transport pleasure conversions and fun projects of many varieties –
be they …

Boffin Sez ice Will be Dead by 2025> fossil fuel will collapse (EVs will
An economist is telling everyone to sell their BP shares in a roundabout
way, by warning that the switch to electric cars could be so swift that
current petrol ...
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