I was driving my 30kw Leaf back from Carmel by the Sea to Bernal Heights in San 
Francisco (121miles total distance).  At 119 miles it had 9 miles left and 6% 
SOC.  I did my usual coast in neutral from the 280 split to Alemany.  It went 
from displaying 9 miles to Flashing ---.  I switched to %.  It registered 6%  
30 seconds later at a traffic signal it displayed  flashing ---.  Yikes.  Is 
Nissan encouraging me to get a charge by scaring me?  I did this with my 24kw 
Leaf by flooring it with 3% charge and it displayed flashing ---.  That I can 
understand.  While coasting this is something else.  Lawrence Rhodes  Note to 
David:  I am having some trouble sending messages to the EVDL  This is the 
message:  Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following 

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