-uncertain about the amount of time needed to charge the Chevy
Bolt at a level 3 50kWh EVSE, from  10% to 80% charge, are we looking at,
say, 90 minutes, or 2
hours, or what?-

I strongly suggest you join a Bolt forum

 and pose your questions. They are most likely to have many direct
experiences with a Bolt EV.

Fasten is in the Euro business of l3 quick charging and has an interesting
page to explore, see

After viewing the video
(compares charge times of a Tesla, three different ways)

to answer the above question, IMO: it will take 90mins at best and 2 hrs on
average (but that is only my guess, go ask on a Bolt forum).

Note: jump to the 9min point on the video to see the current taper at
80%SOC, and the charge stops at the 1hr+44min point. See that charging a
Tesla 60kWh using a CHAdeMO adapter did not provide a full 50kW charging
rate, so the video will only estimate what your charge time will be.

Also, if charging time is critical to you, as if you will be an EV
road-warrior (lots of long EV trips), consider not getting a Bolt but a used
Tesla 60D or 75D that is old enough to allow you to use supercharging for
free. It will be faster and less of an impact on your time constraints. 
Same as with a Bolt, if you do consider a Tesla, pose your Tesla questions
on the Tesla forum for many direct experience answers.

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