EVLN: Chevy sales mgr Gutierrez sez 'test drive on a full charge if you want
the sale'
Hint to electric car dealers: Charge up before the test drive …
To Oscar Gutierrez, electric cars are a “no-brainer.” “Like, seriously,” he
said, his arms outstretched, an incredulous look on his face. “You can drive
and not use gas …
EVLN: EV1 Brilliance Exposed> Shown As A Work Of Art (v)
We're speaking of the General Motors EV1, and as we continue our series ...
That's because Kimble didn't do a single EV1 cutaway sketch ... illustration
of the EV1 featuring the powertrain mostly visible through the interior and
body ...
EVLN: Qualcomm dynamic (road) charging> 20kW rate @highway speeds
Qualcomm shows how to charge electric vehicles on (and from) the road
If the idea of charging your car has dissuaded you from buying an electric
vehicle, the convenience of this technology might convince you to take
another look ...
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