EVLN: 2018 I-Pace EV Spotted Testing> Spy Pics from Monaco (v)
British luxury car manufacturer Jaguar is all set to debut its electric
crossover, the ... Jaguar's first electric vehicle was shooting a
promotional video to show off its ...
EVLN: Hand-out free 145kW unlimited-use Tesla Supercharging 5times
One of the coolest perks of owning a Tesla electric vehicle was free,
unlimited use of its Supercharger network of 145-kW fast chargers. Then, the
program went ...
EVLN: How (Tesla) EV air conditioning works> (also minimizes pack-cell temp
Here's how the air conditioning system in an electric car works
But as almost everyone in the automobile industry is saying, the future is
electric. Like IC engine-powered cars, electric cars have ACs too, but
instead of using ...

CR's love/hate of Tesla> (CR believes Tesla needs CR, Tesla does what's
right for Tesla)
Consumer Reports restores some points to Tesla electric cars ...
Tesla had long been a darling of Consumer Reports magazine since the time
the Model S electric car was first revealed, and it consistently scored well
in the ...
Electric Tahoe-Truckee I-80& Hwy50> (needs dual L3 DC EVSE every 50mi)
Tahoe wants to be part of surge in electric vehicles
KINGS BEACH – Creating an electric highway in the Sierra is under way. It
would encompass Highway 50 on the South Shore and Interstate 80 on the North
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