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How (Tesla) EV air conditioning works> (also minimizes pack-cell temp
The article has outdated information and the author does not fully understand how the Tesla heating system works. Here is how it really works: https://www.quora.com/How-does-the-interior-AC-and-heater-work-in-a-Tesla-or-other-electric-cars

Most folks don't understand how "reverse cycle" A/C works. (Also called a "heat pump".) Many modern EV's have a heat pump arrangement in addition to a simple resistive type heater. The heat pump is 3 or 4 times as efficient as a resistive heater in all but the coldest outside temperatures, resulting in far less energy use for the same cabin heat. The resistive heater is only used below about -15 Celsius outside temperature, when the heat pump becomes ineffective.

Basically, with an arrangement of valves, they run the A/C system backwards. It is like taking out your window A/C unit and putting it in backwards. It absorbs heat from the cooler outside air and "squeezes" it out to the warmer inside air. Thus the term "heat pump" as you are "pumping" heat "up hill". One third to one fourth the energy use than an equivalent resistive heater.

Bill D.

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