the 16 trojan T125 6v floodies in my bradley are 5 years old with around 5k-10k 
miles on them, however, because of abuse and negligent some to all of them need 
replaced.  i am retireing my 69 bus that has 20 trojan T125 6v floodies from 
the same pallet and those batteries are in better shape.  i would like to have 
an easy and cheap way to find the best 16 batteries out of those 36.  would 
specific gravity be enough or should i get a load tester?  if i need a load 
tester would either of these below suffice to at least let me rank the 
batteries.  i don't think either are perfect solutions but maybe good enough to 
weed out the worst of the batteries?

harry Albuquerque, NM current bike: 
current non-bike:
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