From experience my first trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles was about 20 
hours including fiddling time in Fresno to figure out the EVSE. I can now get 
to San Diego in that same time.  With a 30kw Leaf I think I can reduce the 
time.  This is with Level Three every 60 to 70 miles.  Also I didn't have the 
EVRUS system when I did that.  Now I can go down the I-5 and save time. San 
Francisco,(might hit the Level three at Nissan in Pleasanton) Santa Nella, 
Colinga, Lost Hills, Gorman, Buena Park, Capistrano.  From Capistrano It's 
possible to make it to San Diego. That is 6 or 7 stops depending on how 
adventurous you are.  About 16 hours.  Average speed 55mph.  550 miles.  So If 
you had perfect conditions across country That is 96 Hours driving and 
charging.  But it's not perfect so you could make it to Phoenix or Tuscon with 
some trouble(252 miles from Palm Desert with just level 2) but then it's 
litterly a desert till mid Texas.  Switching from route 10 to 20 it's then 
still bad till the South where there is some charging but It's going to be over 
a week if you drive steady. Lots of 4 hour sessions at level 2.  Lawrence Rhodes
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