EVLN: .5-ludicrous> Tesla-3 employee-talking-points r:215mph 0-60mph:5.6s
The Tesla Model 3 is so close you could taste it (probably tastes like car)
but we ... it'll definitely feel like a fast car, especially for sedan
owners coming to electric ...
EVLN: $25k redesign 2017 Smart ForTwo EV> on sale this summer
2seat stylish EV now even more of a bargain
EVLN: Montgomery_County-MD Buys 16 Chevy Bolt EVs for $622.3k> ($38,891ea)
 ... the county will have a total of 243 electric and gasoline/electric
hybrid vehicles with 29 charging stations ...

$450 CA Utility SCE new,used,leased plugin rebate w/ no limits through 2020
As part of California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program, Southern
California Edison today introduced a new $450 rebate for electric vehicle
and plug-in ...
Donald would rather take a seat in the Electric than walk uphill (v)
Donald Trump Rode in a Golf Cart, While Fellow G7 Leaders Walked
... the 700 yards from ... a Greek amphitheatre, to a piazza in the hilltop
town, but Mr Trump stayed behind until he could take a seat in the electric
vehicle ...
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