BikeE had two recalls I know of.

There was a strut on the seat that would break.  Any competent welder could
sand off the aluminum finish and tack it back together.  The recall fix
simply pinched the end of the strut before welding providing a better

The other recall and the death knell for BikeE was failure of the forks of
the tandem. There were absolutely no such problems on the solo models.

I have two in good condition a CT and an AT (rear suspension).  The
steering and geometry are a little odd, kind of squirrelly and uncertain at
low speeds, but safe.  They don't resist turning much and don't respond
quickly to large handle bar motions.  I found when I was fatigued (after 80
or 100 miles) I had a hard time climbing and would row the handlebars back
an forth. A real pain at night with a bar mounted light. At high downhill
speeds (I have hit 45MPH) they are rock solid.

Lots of recumbents have odd steering response. There are no rule of thumb
design limits for them as with upright bike design. So the get built with
less certainty about how they will feel and perform.  Same with recumbent
trikes.  The original Terra Trike WizWheels were a nightmare.

Anyway, I made adaptations to BikeEs and enjoy riding them.

I don't think you will find shoehorning a hub motor into a 20 inch wheel to
be easy.  You may not be able to buy spokes from stock that are short
enough. I wanted to put a Schmidt generator hub into the front 16" wheel
and gave that idea up for this reason.  You can probably get custom spokes
made from longer one but running a die onto them.  However the best spokes
are rolled not cut. Cut threads are not as strong.  You might try a
combination spoke pattern of radial on the non drive side and 1 cross on
the drive side to make the lacing easier.  I have one like this and it is
fine, but with a standard hub, not electric. You can mess around more with
the lacing because the small wheels are so much stronger than large


On Wed, May 31, 2017 at 4:27 PM, nicklogan via EV <> wrote:

> Too bad this seems to com in only a 26 inch wheel format:
> "The Patent Pending GeoOrbital wheel is an evolution of the orbital wheel
> (the wheels on the TRON Motorcycles). The GeoOrbital wheel replaces a
> standard bicycle front wheel to turn your bike into a powerful electric
> bike
> in under 60 seconds.
> The only part that is attached separately from the wheel is a simple thumb
> activated throttle, which is easily clipped onto your handlebar.
> The Panasonic 36V removable Lithium-Ion battery (with a built in USB outlet
> for charging your electronics) provides a pedal assisted range of up to 50
> miles per-battery (up to a 30 mile range for the 26 inch wheel). With
> little
> to no pedaling you will go up to 20 miles on a single battery (up to 12
> miles for the 26 inch wheel). The more you choose to pedal the more range
> you can expect, and you can always take a spare battery with you for longer
> rides.
> The GeoOrbital wheel comes with a flat-proof solid foam tire, so you never
> have to worry about getting a flat or even checking tire pressure.
> By using the latest hi-density foam technology the tires act and weigh the
> same as a traditional bike tire, but you will never get a flat. Never!"
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