EVLN: Tesla-3 Option List Updated> Additional Base Features Confirmed
Earlier this week, Tesla leaked some talking points for the Model 3, showing
that the new budget electric car will offer significantly fewer features
compared with ...
EVLN: NC Bolt came from VA dealer> coworkers& friends frown& say charging a
A month in a 'revolutionary' Chevy Bolt: Is it easy being green?
I'm driving what might be the first Chevrolet Bolt in North Carolina, and
probably the first in Charlotte. It's an electric car that won't be
available in our state ...
EVLN: $39k Hyundai Kona Electric SUV Tease> (from Intrado Concept) (v)
Hyundai Teases Its Kona Electric SUV With A $39000 Price Tag ...
Hyundai just released a new teaser for its first long-range electric sports
utility vehicle (SUV). Dubbed the Kona, reports said the company could
likely sell the ...

EVSE cropping-up across CA, booming solar& wind markets cut emissions,
create jobs
North Coast opposes Trump's Paris pullout
The White House may be going off in one direction to pull out of the Paris
compact, but California is clearly going the other way ... This takes us
back to the 1930s ... Tesla-S chopped to pieces jammed inside a Mercedes van
Stolen Tesla Model S Torn to Pieces Discovered by Berlin Police
There are some very valuable parts in an electric car ... the huge battery
... the electric engine. The huge iPad like screen ... Here's what happens
to professionally stolen Tesla vehicles ... The vehicle had several Tesla
Model S parts in the back, including a ...
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