EVLN: Smart-trackless-auton 100passenger/car r:40km ts:70kph
China's new electric train doesn't need driver or tracks
Chinese rail transit firm CRRC has unveiled a 30-meter long 'smart bus' or
rather a combination of bus, tram and train rolled into one ... demo route
in Zhuzhou next year ...
EVLN: $600k sleek-looking electric yacht is powered by the sun
Netherland-based company Soel Yacht revealed an electric yacht that runs on
solar power … solar electric catamaran starts pricing at about $600 …

(Completely fictional)> Tesla-X EV Off-Road Conversion
Tesla Model X Off-Road Conversion Looks like the Real Deal
The feature specific to electric vehicles - the positioning of the cabin
further ... there not being too many charging stations in the wild than the
EV's actual abilities ...
Bolloré.fr hoping BlueLA EV-sharing will have less grief than BlueIndy did
in the east
BlueLA Car Sharing Program Prepares to Launch 100 EVs, 200 ...
On Friday, June 9, City of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti will launch a
demonstration station that will kick-start the “BlueLA Electric Car Sharing
Program” ...
Querulous Maui-HI pih pules EVr-harassed @Costco or Target EVSE> 'You can
use gas'
Ask the Mayor: Can't I Charge My Hybrid at Public Stations?
Q: What's the deal with electric vs plug-in hybrid cars parking at electric
vehicle charging stations? I get harassed regularly when I'm at Costco or
Target from ...
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