EVLN: Bolt EVr wannabes should express their interest @their local dealer in
Chevy Bolts to be available across the country by August
Chevrolet has released an updated schedule showing that the Bolt, General
Motors' extended-range plug-in electric vehicle and its most direct
challenge yet to ...
EVLN: Angry-Birds killed the sale> Smart EV was too pooped to be bought
Hateful Birds Blocked This Smart Car at Auction
The Electric Drive you see here is actually starting to perk up in resale
value thanks to a lot of buyers realizing that if you want a liquid cooled
electric car, this is ...
EVLN: e-tuk sightseeing tours raise money for 2 Lancaster-PA nonprofits (v)
“(The commission) is not familiar with the (tuktuk) vehicle type, so they
are needing to ... The electric vehicles are also used to give visitor tours
in such cities as ...

Utility SDG&E gives 6,900 $200 EV-credits> (Charge an EV, get a check)
Thousands of San Diegan claim EC climate credit
SAN DIEGO (CNS) - San Diego Gas & Electric announced Friday that thousands
of electric vehicle drivers in the region will receive credits in their
residential bill ...
31 shopping-centres to install Tesla hpwc charge points> (j1772
Under a deal with the electric car manufacturer Tesla, Stockland is
investing ... "We know EV vehicles are part of the future and we look
forward to offering more ...
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