I typically see the temperature bars vary from 4 on cold days to 6 on hot days, 
due to the ambient temp alone.
I made a note of a Fast Charge with LeafSpy reporting a rise of about 10 deg C 
in pack temp when charging from
SoC 40% to 90%.
I suspect that your pack was already warming up due to long-term drawing 
current from a depleting pack,
especially as low as you got it, then fast-charging it back up from that low 
point. Good to know.
Did you record the actual reported temps (LeafSpy) or only the display bars?

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After driving 135 miles down to 13% charging back up to 85% caused the pack to 
go from 6 bars to 9.  Today the plan is to try to stay above 50%.  So far so 
good.  The pack hasn't exceeded 6 bars. This is in hotter temperature than 
yesterday.  So ambient temperature doesn't seem a big factor. It is large depth 
of discharge then a fast charge.  Now in Santa Barbara.  Going to Rancho Jarupa 
near Riverside.  Lawrence Rhodes

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