EVLN: Sept 200+mi Leaf> 150kW DBT CHAdeMO,CCS,Type2
The New LEAF To Get New 150 kW DC Fast Charging Infrastructure ...
... QCNG 50/150 (NG150 series – see full details here) are equipped with
CHAdeMO, CCS Combo and AC Type 2 plugs to handle all kinds of electric
vehicles ...
EVLN: Bolt EV ads do exist> ?GM targeting Volt pih buyers? = marketing on
the geek
Yes, ads for the Chevy Bolt EV electric car do actually exist ... ads on the
Wired website, billboards where California tech-industry drivers are likely
to be stuck in traffic, and a back cover of Scientific American ...
EVLN: AZ Tesla lovers, rejoice> AADA monopoly defeated (until the next
Tesla gets green light to sell cars in Arizona (no thanks to Gov. Doug
Tesla Motors has long been trying to get permission from the state to sell
its electric cars in its showroom at Scottsdale Fashion Square and at its
location in ...

Cheesy-glue4 Li–S cells> longer life, lower cost& twice the density
(carrageenan from) Seaweed could be the key to long-lasting electric car
Lithium-sulfur batteries are theoretically ideal for powering gadgets. They
have more than twice the energy density of lithium-ion packs, but at a much
lower cost ...
Loyal pet dog defiantly chased& stood in front of the car that hit an
e-motorcycle (v)
... dog chases after a car that hits its owner until the driver gets out ...
Dog confronts car after collision with owner on electric bike ...
Tesla driver is responsible when on Autopilot> Cause last year's crash not
Report Offers Details But No Finding of Cause of Tesla Crash
“Just a white cloud, like just a big white explosion,” said Terrence
Mulligan, a witness who saw the impact and rushed to where the electric
vehicle came to rest ...
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