EVLN: RUB.5M($8.5+k) Begalet EV& an e-ultralight
Part Plane, Part Car: Unique Russian Begalet e-Vehicle to Wow Enthusiasts
A state-of-the-art electric car which is capable of flying has been made by
the Russian scientific development and production center Aviation and Space
EVLN: Kongsberg Yara Birkeland auton container> (sailors need not
Autonomous shipping gets a start in Norway next year ... 229-foot-long Yara
Birkeland … replacing 40,000 truck-ice shipments a year ... crew = 44% of a
ship’s cost$ ...
EVLN: Recycling EV Parts Makes You Better-Looking& the Earth will thank you
for it
 ... much of your vehicle’s waste does not have to go to waste ... Even if
your car isn't on the eco-friendly list, i.e. a hybrid or electric vehicle
(EV), you can lighten its carbon footprint by recycling much of its
discarded parts ...

Unclear if Ford Focus Electric will also be made in China> (Ford EV R&D in
Ford moves Focus production to China ... (the Make China Great Again
campaign) ...
Why did the factory cross the road? To get away from ... (the ...
Kill EV noise-regs> Automakers want Donald to remove co$tly NHTSA safety
Trump's Deregulation Targets Hybrid Car Noise Mandate
... U.S. government's auto-safety watchdog is taking a second look at a rule
requiring hybrid and electric vehicles to emit a noise ... (would save $130
on hybrids& $55 on EVs) ...
(ot) ET roam home (autopilot E-Tuber “Pontus”)> spud-power via TI energy
harvester chip (v)
Self-Driving Potato Pet ... The energy harvester chip collects electric
chemical energy from the tater and very slowly builds it up in the capacitor
... this will blow your 13yrold’s mind ... (Your move, Elon Musk) ...
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