EVLN: Tesla-X EV tows mobile showcase Airstream in no-store-allowed states
Tesla to haul mobile design studio around Michigan
The electric vehicle giant can't sell a car in Michigan, but people will be
able to see what the company offers ...
EVLN: $41.40mo off Ioniq EV lease as Deal-Sweetener to cover public EVSE
Everybody likes free stuff. Related to that, everyone likes being reimbursed
for money already spent. Hyundai knows this ...
EVLN: EVs Stabilize The Grid> Proven in a 18-Month Real-World Trial
18-Month, Real-World Trial Proves Electric Vehicles Can Stabilize The Grid
... EVs are a great way to stabilize the grid; it isn't even difficult ...

LeEco's woe$ killed martin-deal& is killing ffuture> (only 150 $254k RapidE
EVs will be made)
Aston Martin-LeEco Deal is Dead, RapidE EV to be Limited Edition ...
Aston Martin RapidE all-electric sedan has been pushed back to 2019 and will
now be limited to just 155 units ...
Swedish EV Battery Study is Nonsense = fake-news
Musk Says New Anti-EV Study Is 'Clueless' ...
... the study say ... that making an electric vehicle – especially its
battery – releases more CO2 into the air ...
ice an East_Peoria-IL EV spot = towed& $100 fine
Gas guzzlers risk ticket in East Peoria electric car recharge spaces
Police currently have the authority to ticket cars illegally parked in spots
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