AC switchs are built lighter duty, to save on cost, so using the ac power
for swithcing current is a better way.

> Even though you can run these devices on DC, the switches on these
> appliances are not suitable for DC, only AC. You risk a fire. You can close
> the switch just fine on, say, your hairdryer, but when you attempt to turn
> it "off", the DC will often simply arc across the switch, and current will
> continue to flow. This arc will start a fire.
> AC turns off and switches polarity 120 times per second, which
> extinguishes the arc when switches and fuses open. DC is steady with not
> breaks or reversals.
> You get a small warning when this happens. The switch will make a small
> "hiss" and the appliance only partially shuts off. Turn the switch back
> on and pull the plug. There will be an arc at the plug and you may avert a
> fire. The switch is typically toast, however.

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