On Sun Jul 09 19:09:58 PDT 2017 ev@lists.evdl.org said:
>If John is running it at 12 volts, it would be 2 watts / 12 volts or
>0.16 amps (160 mA).

I'm mainly trying to figure out if I should move the JLD404 to the separate 
DC-DC that I'm now using to power the Zilla, BMS, and ZillaDash computer.  That 
provides 12V off the main pack instead of the 12V battery.  (I've gotten tired 
of the 12V battery going dead.)

I'm now seeing about a 300ma draw on the 12V battery when the truck is parked.  
With the calculations above, the JLD404 is probably drawing about 1/2 of that.  
I'll probably move it to the "EV Systems" DC-DC as well.  (it's a fair amount 
of work to do so, as I have to open the dashboard.)


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