Let's move away from Seattle for a moment Peri...think midwest states like
Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri... and southern states like Alabama,
Mississippi, Louisiana...or western states outside the major metropolises
such as Denver, like Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, i.e. most of the population
of the country, and mostly in "flyover land" where most of the 90% without
large discretionary spending live.  Many of these people know almost nothing
about electric cars, for that matter I regularly meet people in NV who know
nothing about them. They also wouldn't even consider paying $30k for a car
because they can't afford it.  And they can't afford to buy a used EV and
pay to have new batteries installed.  And besides, they can't afford to live
close to work so they have long commutes in states where there is little
charging infrastructure, so impractical for a lower cost, shorter range ev. 
Most of the country buys used ice cars for less than $15k, many for less
than $8k.  And many of them depend on repairing them themselves to save
money. They buy a new engine for less than $1000.  They are wary of ev's
because they don't understand them and don't know how to repair them if
something goes wrong.  

The ev market, especially Tesla, is living off the top decile of the
population, maybe the top two deciles for the Leaf, Bolt and model 3. But
then, that's who has most of the national wealth.  I'd wager it will be a
looong time before even half the population is driving evs, especially if
they have to buy them through dealers.  When many of the major manufacturers
start selling evs the price will have to come way down and dealers will have
to become far more invested in selling evs to enlarge the market or they
will quickly saturate it.  The top 10% have lots of money, but they only
want so many cars, and as long as the other 90% can buy a used ice in good
condition and 100k or so miles left in it, that 10% will have a hard time
finding a buyer for their used ev in order to buy a newer one.

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