EVLN: Renault Twingo-I conversion EV by teenage Gjakova-Kosovoian students
Teenagers transform regular car into an e-vehicle
A team of teenagers from Kosovo has converted a regular gasoline powered car
into a fully electric vehicle. They were given support from a non-profit ...
EVLN: Bollinger B1 Electric Truck Debut (v)
Bollinger B1 Electric Truck Ready For Work, CHAdeMO Fast Charging ...
The electric vehicle market is growing. While plenty of small hatchbacks and
sedans are here and more are coming, the time of the large plug-in vehicle
is ...
EVLN: Musk hands over 1st 30 Tesla-3 EVs to early(pre-ordered) buyers (v)
Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said on Friday the Model 3 had over
half a million advance reservations as he handed over  the first 30 to
employee buyers, setting the stage for the biggest test yet of the company's
strategy to become a profitable, mass market electric car maker ... * $35k
base ... goes 220 miles ... * $44k version goes 310 miles ...

(Possible cheap conversion donors)> NHTSA Ford Exhaust Fume Probe (v)
NHTSA Upgrades Probe of Ford Exhaust Fumes. NHTSA's ongoing investigation
has found that two accidents have involved police ...
Charging gone plaid> 1800mph Ultrafast Charging Tech Moving Faster
Many who reject the option of an electric vehicle say that they'll consider
one only when EVs have the range for occasional long-distance drives and can
recharge about as quickly ...
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