EVLN: Affordable EV Insurance>
Mercury Insurance Names Most Affordable Electric Vehicles to Insure
Electric vehicles have come a long way in the past four years, as the market
has seen a strong growth in sales ...
EVLN: GM Bolt EV debut in Florida with a Miami EV road trip
General Motors marked the Florida debut of the Bolt EV with a road trip from
Miami to ... In addition to infrastructure to promote use of electric cars
like the Bolt ...
EVLN: EV benefits include a low-cost mileage, no road tax, no congestion
charge, +
'It's the future of motor travel': readers on driving electric vehicles.
With the ... 
I'm just glad to be able to do my bit for the environment. .... The Guardian
view on air pollution proposals: too little, much too late ...

Bosch Plays Its Long Game on EVs> Riche$ to be had in 48V drive units
The two technologies must live alongside one another, he says, because the
ramp-up to mass-market battery-electric vehicles will be long and gradual
... a 14.4-kWh battery for a range of 81 miles (130 km). It will be
available next year in Europe for about €15,900 ...
20 DC CCS, CHAdeMO, or AC Type2 ABB Terra 53& 23 EVSE for
ABB, a leading provider of EV charging solutions worldwide, supplied 20 fast
charging stations to Lenenergo, one of the largest electricity distribution
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