EVLN: $29k 2017 e-Golf EV> (not as good as a 200+mi EV deal) r:125mi
2017 Volkswagen e-Golf review:
At $28,995 before incentives, the e-Golf is an affordable EV option. ... the
2017 Volkswagen e-Golf is a very affordable and useful electric vehicle,
with enough ...
EVLN: Mercedes-Benz Is Killing Its B-Class Electric Drive EV
Built at the Rastatt plant in Germany, the B-Class Electric Drive went on
sale back in ... While there's no replacement in sight for the EV, Mercedes
is prepping a ...
EVLN: (Spied)> New Leaf EV undisguised without Camo, Floating Roof
2018 Nissan Leaf caught undisguised
We can make out, however, the overall shape of the new electric hatchback
... of the new, longer-range electric vehicle without any of that pesky
camouflage ...

NorCal city surplus bids4: 2008 Miles
EV,donor-ice,genset-trailer,Magnacharge LPI EVSE
Bidders can inspect items M-F between 1-4 p.m. from 8/3 through 8/15, at the
City’s corp yard at 600 South G Street. Bids must be received by 11 a.m. on
8/16 ...
'We're not idiots'> (Kiwi EV'rs do what many can't seem to)
No power? No problem: Kiwi electric vehicle owners aren’t afraid of getting
According to the latest poll by Flip the Fleet, most electric vehicle owners
are unfazed by the prospect of getting stranded with a flat battery ... only
occasional range angst ...
18 free public (L3) EVSE across 2k-km (anti-MadMax) e-Hwy
Queensland to build one of the world's longest electric vehicle highways
Queensland's “electric highway” will span a comparable distance to the ...
Queensland will have a 2,000km network of electric vehicle charging stations
that make up one of the world's longest electric vehicle highways within six
months ...
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