EVLN: Lilium Jet – Electric VTOL Aircraft> building-roof landings r:183mi
ts:183mph (v)
(VTOL) is a two-seater prototype that can execute a range of complex
maneuvers, including transition from hover in mid-air to wing-borne forward
flight, according to a statement by Lilium. It is the only electric aircraft
capable of both VTOL and jet-powered flight, using its wings for lift,
similar to a conventional airplane ...
EVLN: Sun Flyer 4seat solar-Electric-Aircraft
Learn more at the next leading event on the topic: Energy Independent
Electric Vehicles ... 
Aero Electric Aircraft Corp (AEAC) has announced plans for a four-place
airplane, Sun Flyer 4, the next addition to the Sun Flyer family of …
EVLN: Evovelo Mö 2seat enclosed solar-pedal e-trike e:50km/31mi
The cute little trike is called Mö, and its practicality, customization, and
... as it is made from sustainable materials and it has an all-electric
range of up to 50km ...

ot Electromagnetic Catapult Launches USN Jet> (Digitally controlled Electric
motors) (v)
These mechanical catapults were powered by steam diverted from the ship’s
nuclear …
“AAG and EMALS have been successfully tested ashore at Lakehurst, New
Jersey, but this is the first shipboard recovery and launch of a fleet fixed
wing aircraft.” ...
KSEB installing L2 EVSE in
Thiruvananthapuram: In a first, the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB)
will set up charging stations for electric cars in Thiruvananthapuram soon.
It will come ...
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