I took a chance and punctured the paper bottom of my battery pack.  I counted 7 
pouches.  I then pried off the BMS top part accidentally piercing a component 
that let out a sweet smelling vapor...with a hiss...yikes.  Cut the main power 
lines and removed the electronics. Half the pouches had 4vdc.  The other half 
next to dead with a few hundreds of a volt.  I then got a piece of wood and put 
the aluminum casing on it.  Tapped lightly and the weight of the battery 
pouches allowed all the pouches to come out the bottom. This is an 11ah pack.  
Very dense. Do I have a chance of refilling this case or scrap the locking 
system and just wing it with replacement lithium cells.  Each battery is 28 
volts fully charged 25.6 nominal. It is a 2 3/4" by 2 7/8 by 11 inch case.  Any 
chance I can fit anything useful into this case.  The pouches perfectly fit. 
I'd love to get a factory replacement but Zuumcraft is not responsive. I need 
two batteries. A matched pair. So nominal voltage is 51.2volts fully charged  
56vdc. The Zuumer is a lean to steer technology.  Front wheel drive.  Lawrence 
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