EVLN: Some Tesla-3 & Tesla-S EV side-by-side visual-comparison fun (v)
... in the video — in sync with the music — which an electric car obviously
doesn't do ...  a  side-by-side video comparison of Model 3 and Model S ...
EVLN: Pa.PUC's tiff w/ Timm's e-tuk tours of Amish country (horse poop OK,
nEVs no)
Tuktuk Lancaster gets support from Mayor Gray, other city officials ... are
rallying behind a local family's efforts to offer ... tours in the
three-wheeled electric vehicle in exchange for donations ... (PUC's archaic
horse-drawn decisions> if it don't poop, then denied) ...
EVLN: delivers a record 4042 e-scooters in July> batt-exchange
A total of 4,042 new Gogoro scooters were licensed and delivered to buyers
last month, the highest number in Taiwan's electric motorcycle marketing
history ...

V's-Secret Model Shlomit Malka head-injured in wet-pathway slip-n-fall
e-scooter wreck
A 23-year-old woman fell and was … at ICU for head wound after accident on
Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard ... was sedated and put on a respirator at
the hospital ...
Delta L3 50kW DC & AC EVSE @1st EV Tech& Innovation Learning
 ... donated by Mr. Hsieh Shen-yen, President of Delta for EV charging
station, the event also showcased many types of EV such as E-Tuk Tuk, E-Bike
and EV cars ...
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