EVLN: $30k 40kWh 2018 Leaf> less co$t w/ less range epa-r:180mi
Nissan Leaf will be cheaper than Tesla Model 3 and Chevy Bolt, but have less
 ... executive said that the new and improved Nissan Leaf will be able to
deliver between 217 to 248 miles of all-electric driving range ...
EVLN: A $20k EV Discount from BMW& Nissan w/ San Diego utility SDGE
BMW AG and Nissan Motor Co. are offering big discounts in the San Diego area
that can knock $20,000 off the cost of a new electric car when combined with
Zap&Go’s nano carbon supercapacitors charge in under 15 seconds
The demonstration, held at Zap&Go's Oxford laboratory, proves that the
company can compete in the electric vehicle (EV) battery market. Recent
research by ...

+ Sokolov sez EV transition requires incentives & EVSE
Russia may switch to electric cars in coming decade ...
The minister added that the transition to electric cars requires
improvements in infrastructure and measures to encourage drivers to switch
to such vehicles ...
U.S. Energy Department issues $19 million for electric car research
 ... projects meant to speed the development of electric vehicles, even as
... automakers argue that the ... administration approved the stricter
regulations without considering the market conditions that they argue are
not conducive to the fuel economy standards ...
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