Hi Guys,

Firstly thanks for all your info and chat about the Curtis 1238 SOC and the
subsequent discussion about the measuring of power in a pack.

I managed to get the 1314 software going and find out that the OEM of my
Curtis (a defunct UK company called the Electric Car Company) set the BDI
to  reset to 100% when it sees a 91V pack voltage.

However somewhere in the process the charging interlock on the Curtis
failed and now I can't get it out of charge mode.

The OEM added some VCL custom code so that Switch 5 on Pin 11 on the
Curtis, when an open circuit, determines that it's in charge mode. And
using the 1314 software I'm able to see that even when I put KSI voltage
into pin 11 it stays open.

I was hoping to use WinVCL and change the VCL embedded code so that I can
use one of the spare switches as the charging interlock.

Does anyone have any experience with WinVCL and is there a copy of it
available anywhere online?

Many thanks!

07966 806 727
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