EVLN: 97yrold Grandpa's charming 1st Tesla-S EV experience (v)
Tesla Model S Owner Gets His 97-Year-Old Grandpa's First ... it must be even
more surprising for a 97-year-old to witness the evolution of the ...
grandpa was pretty impressed …
EVLN: A NZ guide to the pros and cons of buying an electric vehicle
There's still a lack of infrastructure for charging electric vehicles, says
the issues paper ... These pros and cons of EV ownership are contained in a
document just ...
EVLN: Indian Government commits to buying 10,000 EVs and 4000 EVSE
Narendra Modi government makes big statement, set to buy 10,000 e-vehicle
August 17, 2017  By expressing an intention to buy 10,000 electric sedans,
the government has signalled ... The key challenge to EV adoption is
providing adequate charging ...

Chinese Automakers Are Sweet and Sour on Fiat Chrysler (500e EV) Ownership
Another Chinese Automaker Says It Doesn't Want Fiat Chrysler either ... a
scintillating report ... says that Fiat Chrysler is being eyeballed by
several Chinese automakers seeking a “turnkey” ...
EVjobs: ChargePoint has opened a new hq/office in Scottsdale-AZ
 ...  riding the wave of electric-vehicle sales in the U.S. and expanding
its Arizona support operations ...
China EV @Indian EV expo> (while China& India armies fight at Doklam)
Chinese company among participants in electric vehicle expo in ...
Notwithstanding the stand-off between Chinese and Indian armies at Doklam, a
Chinese battery-operated vehicle manufacturing company participated in the
show ...
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