Electric car driver short-circuited
22 Aug 2017  Tyrone Dalton

[image  / Louise Donges
Darryl Bourke, of Canberra, with his electric car

MILDURA has a long way to go if it is to meet the demand of an electric car
future, Tesla driver and enthusiast Darryl Bourke says.

Passing through Mildura last week, the Canberra resident said he was forced
to park his car at Azzco Engineering overnight so he could connect to
three-phase power and charge his car so he could drive 291km to Hay.

“For me to charge up it’s not just fill the petrol and drive away again.
I’ve got to connect in and I’m there for hours – so I’d buy a coffee, stay
overnight, walk around the shops and have a meal, so there is economic
benefit of having a charge point in regional towns,” Mr Bourke said.
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