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MINSK, 22 August (BelTA) – The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
(NASB) has presented the first Belarusian electric car. The event took place
at the national proving ground for mobile vehicles of the NASB's Mechanical
Engineering Institute, BelTA has learned. 

“One year ago we approached Chairman of the Presidium of the National
Academy of Sciences of Belarus Vladimir Gusakov with the proposal to create
an electric car. He backed the idea. Less than one year later you can see an
experimental model with all the parameters, the look, and with the electric
components we have created with assistance of other companies with the
relevant competences,” said Sergei Poddubko, Director General of the
Mechanical Engineering Institute. 

In his words, the car has been designed for urban conditions. The motor's
output is 60kW or some 80hp. The power is sufficient for urban conditions.
“The top speed we have tested in this proving ground is 110kmph. We have not
clearly determined the time from 0 to 100kmph yet. We use the car sparingly
and therefore have installed a digital safety system. We are gradually
improving its capabilities. We will find out everything it is capable of
with time. If necessary, we will make adjustments,” said the official. 

The car's battery can be charged using the regular 220V power socket or a
special charger. If the voltage is 220V, it takes six hours to fully charge
the battery. If the voltage is higher, then it takes about four hours, noted
Sergei Poddubko. 

The experimental electric car is based on the stock car Geely SC7, which is
assembled in Belarus. The experimental car will allow finding optimal
compositions for electric components, fine-tuning their parameters, paving
way for the creation of a batch-produced prototype followed by the possible
commercial production of electric cars in Belarus. 

All the components of the electric traction drive are made in Belarus. The
developers only had to import the drive battery from the Russian company
Ener Z, which had won the relevant tender. 

Instructions have been given to start producing batteries in Belarus. The
materials research center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus has
come up with a new effective material, which can be used to create super
capacitors to power electric drive vehicles.
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Geely SC7: Specifications ... a high-performance business sedan ...
Geely is a Chinese multinational automotive manufacturing company
headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Its principal products are automobiles,
taxis ...

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