Zacua introduces the first electric car from Mexico
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You might not know about Zacua, but the company is making headlines on both
sides of the border with the first electric car made in Mexico by a Mexican
company. Zacua just introduced two new electric cars to the market, the M2
and the M3 – and they are both expected to go on sale in November.

The two small electric coupes will be made by Motores Limpios, but sold in
Mexico under the Zacua brand name. In Mexico there is a need for small, zero
emissions vehicles, especially in densely-populated urban areas.

“Global warming has very serious consequences (and) Mexico cannot remain on
the margins. Mexico has to be a protagonist with tangible initiatives that
start to make a difference right away,” said company director Jorge

At 120-inches-long, the small Zacua Coupe is still just over a foot longer
than the Smart Fortwo, but only weighs 838 pounds compared to the 2,000
pound Smart. The Zacua M2 and M3 are powered by a 6.1 kWh lithium-ion
battery that provides a driving range of 71 miles and takes eight hours to
fully charge.

Following the introduction of the two-seater M2 and M3 models, Zacua is
planning a larger four passenger car that will be introduced in 2020.
Production of the two-seater models will be extremely limited, since Zacua
only plans put 100 units on sale in November, which will be followed by 200
in 2018 and an additional 300 in 2019. Pricing starts at 440,000 pesos (US

“This new Zacua coupe meets urban needs,” Martínez said, adding “that’s what
we’ve been working on and we’ve received enormous encouragement from the
Mexico City government.”
Zacua electric car on sale in November
Jul 11, 2017 - Manufacturer will offer two models, with prices starting at
440,000 pesos ... The Zacua is the first electric car made completely in
Mexico by a 100% Mexican company and is expected to go on sale in November
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