We stayed here in Crystal River where the eye looked like it was just going
to hit. But today Monday morning things look pretty good. I've taken down
all my solar panels along  and boards on Windows , the usual. I think Jerry
over in Tampa got it worse than us. We've actually been pretty busy. We
have what is called the assisted conversion plan and that's where I help
people do their conversions at our shop. I'm helping someone do a Camaro
right now with an 11 inch motor and automatic transmission. I'm not a big
fan of automatic transmission and we'll see how this works ( not my idea)
Also doing a few small projects for people with Nissan Leaf batteries set
up for replacing golf cart packs.

"months), not left on float chargers to rot.  The higher their specific
energy (meaning higher SG electrolyte), the more they suffer from grid

PS - I wouldn't call most cars or pickups with 16 golf car batteries "lead

I have quite a collection of golf cart batteries that I've taken out of old
conversions either to upgrade to lithium or people selling them so cheap I
couldn't say no. a trick that I have been doing to find out how good the
batteries are and bring them back somewhat is to split the pack in half
charge one half while just discharging the other half into the first half
with a extra battery that I swap the positive and negative to charge one
pack or the other. So a 96 volt pack could break down into two 48 volt
packs with a 12 volt a GM to push the power from one pack to the other you
can get a few cycles on these batteries and find out where they're at
easily. Good to have an amp power meter in between the two so you can see
how many amp hours of powers you are able to store. I would disconnect from
the car while doing this just to be on the safe side . Unhook the cable in
the middle of the pack and hook the middle of the pack negative to the
negative of the beginning of the pack and you'll have to positive terminals
one at the top of your pack and one in the middle.  you will hook one to
the negative and one do the positive of your AGM battery thereby pumping
the current out of one side and into the other side of your new formed
48volt packs.. I've found that golf cart batteries are happy being charged
at about 40 amps 40 to 75 amps actually and charging at a low amperage  all
the time does not seem to be the best for them. Of course you don't want to
overheat them watch your voltage. The last three years that I had my
lawncare business I had 38 Golf Cart batteries in my Mazda be 2000. I
charged my 96 volt lawn mower by  dump charging  from the 114 volt truck. 8
minutes to 80 percent , did that 10 times a day. Ahhh the good old days.
  Steve Clunn. Greenshedconversions.com
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