A Tesla Model S prototype gets 3 new electric motors by Magna
Sep. 6th 2017  Fred Lambert

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We have seen a few examples of Tesla powertrains being used in other
vehicles, whether it was in conversion projects or in Tesla’s powertrain
program with Toyota and Daimler, but the other way around is new to us.

Magna has unveiled a Model S prototype equipped with 3 of their new electric
motors – pictured above.

They took a dual motor Model S and replaced the front and rear motors by 3
of their own new E1 140-kW motors (188 hp) – one for each rear wheel and one
for the two front wheels.

CNET took a test ride in the vehicle:

    “Magna’s test driver takes me for a short spin on the roads around the
company’s facility in Graz, Austria. He floors it from a stop, and I
experience the car’s incredibly quick acceleration. Is it quicker than the
2.3 seconds to 60 mph boasted by the Model S P100D? I’m not timing it, but
it feels like it’s in that general ballpark.”

It’s doubtful that it could actually be faster than a normal Model S P100D
on a clean straight line, but there’s no doubt that the torque vectoring in
the back has its advantages.


It enables them to quickly correct the torque in each real wheel in order to
improve handling.

The Tier One auto supplier doesn’t actually plan to commercialize this
particular version of its electric powertrain, but it serves as a showcase
of their technology, which they offer to automakers looking to develop new
electric vehicle platform.

As recently reported, it has been a recent focus of auto suppliers lately.
Williams just unveiled a new lightweight electric car platform, GKN
Driveline revealed a next-gen electric drive system, and several other top
suppliers have also been leading similar efforts to take advantage of the
industry’s transition to electric propulsion.
Magna shows Tesla that three motors work better than two
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three-motor electric ... While the car clearly started life as a Model S,
its Magna and E1 badges hint at ...

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