EVLN: Jaguar restored an old E-type with an Electric upgrade (v)
Holy Sh*t Jaguar Is Actually Going to Electrify the E-Type
Ask any enthusiast and they'll tell you the same thing—if you want to build
a good electric vehicle, you have to start from the ground up. You sandwich
the battery ...
EVLN: Magna installs 3 of their Electric motors in a Tesla-S EV
Automotive equipment supplier Magna demonstrates a three-motor electric ...
Magna shows Tesla that three motors work better than two   ... While the car
clearly started life as a Model S, its Magna and E1 badges hint at ...
EVLN: teases with a 480kW battery-powered superEV
Williams Advanced Engineering, the technology, testing and engineering
division of the F1 constructor, says its FW-EVX electric vehicle platform
that it claims ... an experimental battery-powered platform it thinks could
one day sit under a road car ...

National Drive Electric Week Combats Koch-Funded Lies With Real World
Drivers (v)
Though many automotive experts—including some Big Oil majors—see the
transition to electric vehicles (EVs) as inevitable, this war is being waged
to keep the ...
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