Glad to hear another old Datsun truck is on the road.

I'm having a ball driving mine since the Lithium conversion.

1965 Datsun L320

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Yesterday was my birthday and for my birthday present this year I decided to 
complete my lithium conversion on my 1970 Datsun Truck http://evalbum.com/1524 
and start driving it again.  I finished up a couple of days ahead of schedule.  
The truck has been sitting waiting for new batteries for the last 3 or 4 years 
now.  I have not been EVless in the mean time as I have been riding my 
motorcycle about 1000 miles a year during the summer, but it is great to get my 
truck back to keep me dry during the rainy NW winters.  I picked up 4 Chevy 
Volt (48 volt) modules which are now my new traction pack and included a new 
DC/DC in the upgrade.  I also  took care of some brake and clutch issues that 
cropped up during the downtime.  For charging I special ordered some 6 amp 
Constant Current chargers set to cutoff at 49.8 volts from China, one for each 
module.  I still have my 50 amp Anderson connectors in place which I can use 
with any appropriate 96 volt charger as well.

Damon Henry's 1970 Datsun PU 520 - evalbum.com<http://evalbum.com/1524>
Seating Capacity: 3: Curb Weight: 2,550 Pounds (1,159 Kilograms) Additional 
Features: I originally built this with an Alltrax 7245 72 volt 450 amp 

I was so happy when I plugged in the new pack for the first time and the Zilla 
woke up and spun the motor just fine.  Also, my cooling fan for the motor and 
water pump for the Zilla cooling both kicked in and ran as desired once the 
motor warmed up.  I was able to drive the truck to work and show it off for the 
first time Friday, which was fun.  I started a new job last November for a 
company that does control systems for paper mills, so I am surrounded by 
engineers who really enjoyed the show and tell.

I considered getting rid of the truck a couple of years ago and just buying a 
used Leaf, but in the end, I decided I will always like my truck more than I 
ever would a Leaf.  It took a couple of years of patience until I felt it was 
the right time to tackle this project again, but I am very happy with the 
results :)

I do not plan on ever doing another conversion project however.  My truck and 
motorcycle may get upgrades and continue to live on, but any future EVs will be 
factory made.  It's great to finally have that option.

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