EVLN: Motiv School e-Buses use sodium nickel Na-NiCl2 batteries
Electric School Buses From Motiv Power Coming To California
Is there anything dumber than loading our children aboard diesel powered
buses so they go to and from school in a haze of diesel exhaust ... Motiv
Power Systems has a better way — electric school buses that eliminate diesel
... Its business is focused on large commercial vehicles ...
EVLN: Zotye E200 lsEV spied> has a little bit of a Tesla vibe to it r:120km
ts:80kph (v)
The car was first introduced at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show, where we
learned that it's powered by a very small electric motor, producing 24 HP
and 82 Nm (60 ... All-electric Zotye E200 smart fortwo clone shows up on
video ...
EVLN: INR112k/$1752 Mahindra launches its 1st e-rickshaw, e-Alfa Mini r:85km
Mahindra launches first e-rickshaw, e-Alfa Mini, priced at Rs1.12 lakh
New Delhi: Amid a regulatory push by the government and debate on whether
the time has come for electric vehicles in India ...
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