EVLN: (It 'is' rocket science)> Tesla uses SpaceX's rocket scientists
How Tesla uses SpaceX's rocket scientists to beat its electric car rivals
 ... "Elon has a lot of irons in the fire, and SpaceX is his number one
baby" ... and electric cars may seem like very different ends of the
transport ... employees at one company are occasionally able to share ideas
EVLN: Whatever its personal-car merits, the Bolt is a great taxi/lyft EV (v)
How High Can Sales Rise for General Motors' Electric Chevy Bolt?
But the Bolt is still the only vehicle seen as anything close to a Tesla
rival, and it has ... for the Bolt: What's the likely upper limit ... ? |
Bolt outsells Volt
EVLN: Tata Tiago EV shown in the UK r:100km ts:135kph
Tata Tiago Electric Vehicle Concept Unveiled
 ... unveiled at the LCV2017 (an exhibition for low carbon emissions
vehicles) in ... Tata Tiago electric vehicle concept car launched, goes 100
km on single charge ... can sprint from 0-100 km/h in less than 11s in
sports mode ...
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