EVLN: BMW misjudged the EV situation> 'We need to learn'
BMW “misjudged the situation” on electric cars
BMW says that it misjudged the situation when it came to electric cars, as
the German brand's massive planned expansion into the segment with its BMW i
sub ...
EVLN: Auton Bolt EV> Cruise-gen3 practically ready for mass production
This self-driving Chevy Bolt EV is ready for mass production, CEO says
took to a free blogging platform to announce that it had a fully
self-driving electric … The Chevy Bolt EV Now Has An Autonomous Version ...
GM's acquired driverless startup Cruise last year... to create a fully
autonomous version of the Chevy Bolt EV ...
EVLN: TomTom gps-nav using Hubject's 25k EVSE on their EV recharging
TomTom to offer EV recharging maps in Europe, N. America
At a news conference at the Frankfurt auto show on Tuesday, the company
unveiled its TomTom EV Service, which it plans to license to auto makers to
build into ...
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