America Was Only The Beginning: Smart Goes ALL EV In 2020
9/14/17  Miss Mercedes


Daimler AG  @Daimler
#smart goes all electric. By 2020 smart will be completely electrified
#eMobility #FutureOfMobility #MBIAA17
11:48 AM - Sep 11, 2017 

I guess smart wanted to give up on the USA/Canada early because of our
hilariously low sales. Regardless, it looks like Mercedes-Benz is finally
following Nicolas Hayek’s dream of having an EV manufacturer (though is
ignoring his other proposition of a hybrid smart). By my estimations then,
the current 453 generation will likely only be five years, with whatever
they’re cooking right now hitting the stage in 2020.

Oh, and they plan to dump all of MB’s autonomous driving tech into it,
there’s that too...
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