EVLN: Proterra's r:1101.2 mi e-Bus> on a single charge of its massive 660kWh
pack (v)
Mercedes Unveils eCanter Electric Truck, Partners With StoreDot On Fast
Charging Batteries
Seven Eleven Corporation has already agreed to add 25 of the new electric
... Daimler Launches eCanter Electric Truck, United Parcel Service UPS Among
First Customers …
EVLN: Daimler's Fuso eCanter work e-truck w/ StoreDot's 5min charging
r:100km (v)
Range Anxiety? Proterra's Electric Bus Goes 1100 Miles
Proterra developed the new battery pack used in the record-setting Catalyst
E2 bus in partnership with South Korean battery cell maker LG Chem ... A
2016 bus battery report by the California Air Resources Board cites a high
density of 140 watt-hours per kilogram for heavy-duty electric vehicle
batteries ...
EVLN: Tesla's sports-car handling Electric truck “beast”> release on October
Electric truck handles like sports car
OMG HGV! Tesla are building an electric truck that will handle like a SPORTS
CAR. Tesla has confirmed it will release a new all-electric truck on October
26th … Tesla semi would tug a diesel semi uphill ...
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