Tesla-Powered Electric Kit Car Did The Quarter-Mile Faster Than An Aventador
2017/9/19  Jay Traugott

Tesla powered 818 runs 9 seconds - 0:43
5 days ago - Uploaded by EV Controls
Looks great, shared here: 
One ...


An Aventador SV, to be precise.
You may have heard of the Factory Five 818 kit car [
], one of the coolest and best bang for your buck DIY projects out there.
For less than $20k, you can buy a completed 818 (powered by a Subaru WRX
drivetrain), or you can be adventurous, like these guys. What you’re about
to see is an 818 with the drive unit of a Tesla Model S P85, as well as two
Chevrolet Volt [pih] battery packs, at the drag strip. As you can probably
imagine, this thing is fast. Like really fast.

How does a quarter-mile time of 9.86 seconds at 129 mph sound? For
comparison, the Lamborghini Aventador SV does the same sprint in 10.5
seconds at 136 mph. The 818’s builders, EV-Controls [
], claims the car produces 530 hp and it’s been driven over 3,100 miles this
past summer without any issues.

But how is this thing as a daily driver? Pretty good, actually, with a
claimed 200 miles of range on a single charge (assuming there are no trips
to the drag strip involved). Obviously we’re more used to seeing high-speed
car modifications done with internal combustion. But now we’ve entered the
era of powerful all-electric motors offering instant torque. It’s not just
automakers like Tesla and its very own Ludicrous Mode who are having fun
with this technology anymore. If you know what you’re doing, building an
insanely fast all-electric sports car at home is entirely possible ...
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Aug 13, 2016

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