EVLN: Leasing a $31.3k r:125mi 2017 e-Golf costs more than a r:248mi Bolt EV
2017 VW e-Golf lease can cost more than longer-range Chevy Bolt EV
Model years can be confusing: the 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf electric car just
went on sale this month, at a time when some other makers have already
rolled out ...
EVLN: $69.5k to $94k Porsche Mission E to come to market in 2019 (v)
Porsche is about to reveal its all-electric Mission E car
Porsche's highly anticipated Mission E car will soon be revealed... the
all-electric car is expected to hit the streets come 2019! The car will
start from $69,500 to …
EVLN: 355 IKEA stores on 30 different markets switching2 EV transportation&
IKEA just unveiled a massive bet on electric cars
Ikea's hope is to boost sales for EV manufacturers and hence reduce the
prices on EVs ...  it also includes the partners who take care of our home
deliveries ...
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