EVLN: MBenz AMG Electric Drive has an e-motor for each wheel> Can you tune
an EV? (v)
Here's How You Can Tune Electric Cars for More Power
With the age of electric cars upon us, more and more people are ... how
quickly the car can translate its electric force into the spinning motor ...
EVLN: Samsung building long-range EV batteries> Cylindrical cells for Jaguar
Samsung will challenge Tesla with its own electric car batteries
The company revealed its new long-range battery tech, which it claims will
power cars for up to 430 miles ... (Samsung SDI and LG Chemicals Compete to
Supply 21,700 Cylindrical Batteries to Jaguar) ...
EVLN: NE couple get their 2nd Tesla EV> he's obsessed& just can’t get enough
It's electric: Wallace couple purchases second Tesla car
WALLACE — Now that the infrastructure is falling into place, Monte and Ruth
Sheffield will be able to drive their new Tesla electric car more in
Nebraska ...
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