Steve Clunn via EV wrote:
If the charger is only putting out half it's normal amperage it my be it's
full wave bridge is half burned out.   Steve Clunn

That's a good call. Easy to check (and fix).

While we're on the subject... The K&W BC20 is a good charger. Not a great one; but much better than most consumer grade lead-acid battery chargers. It has a GFCI for safety. It regulates the charging current and voltage, and has the necessary fuses, cooling fan, temperature compensation, and overtemperature shutdown. It is over 95% efficient; higher than many modern chargers. It is well built, small, and light weight.

However, it is not isolated. It is not power factor corrected; indeed, its phase control circuitry works exactly like the dimmer in your dining room lights. That can generate a "buzz" in AM radios, and makes AC cords and plugs run hotter.

If I were in Mary's situation, I'd fix it rather than replace it. It's a simple design, and uses normal easy-to-get parts. Unless it's gotten wet or been dropped down a flight of stairs, it's likely to be cheaper to repair it than replace it.

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