This ‘Star Wars’-esque electric motorcycle was inspired by the iPhone
September 21st, 2017  Mike Wehner


Recently, the one-of-a-kind ExoDyne electric motorcycle made motorheads
drool thanks to its barely-there frame and impressive specs, but it seems
having an excess of body can be equally eye-catching. This new all-electric
two-wheel concept called “Hope” looks like it was pulled straight out of a
Star Wars prop room, and its creator drew inspiration from a truly
mind-boggling trio of pop culture icons.

Hope is built on a Vectrix VX-1 body, retaining the modest motor which is
good for a top of of 75 miles per hour and a range in the neighborhood of
170 miles. What makes the bike unique is its incredibly smooth custom outer
shell. Built of fiberglass and aluminum plates, it envelopes the entire bike
and even arches over the handlebars.

Its creator, Samuel Aguiar, goes by the alias “Shiny Hammer,” and that
nickname certainly seems to apply to Hope. Its metal paneling has a
mirror-like finish, and Aguiar says the body is both light and strong thanks
to the chosen materials. Hope also features upgraded brakes and wheels,
along with a tweaked instrument cluster and custom lighting.

“I was looking for a design that you would want to hug, without any
aggressive shapes,” Aguiar says “Like a blend between a pre-A Porsche 356,
an iPhone and a Pokémon.”

That’s certainly an interesting trio from which to draw inspiration, but
looking at the end result, it actually seems pretty fitting. As an electric
vehicle, it’s also virtually silent, which makes it even more fun, according
to its owner. “Being quiet, people look at it more than if it was noisy—and
you can hear them talking about it, which is funny,” he says. “Riding the
bike at night makes you feel like a ninja, which I love.”
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