EVLN: Bolt EV is like, premium fast. You should buy one> (the “lost hybrid
After 10K miles, the electric Chevy Bolt is the best car I’ve ever owned …
I am not an environmentalist. I grew up on a farm … we planted corn, logged
trees … & shot deer … Saving the planet is not something that I spend every
waking hour thinking about …
EVLN: Shiny Hammer's Hope e-motorcycle makes iceheads drool r:170mi ts:75mph
This 'Star Wars'-esque electric motorcycle was inspired by the iPhone
As an electric vehicle, it's also virtually silent, which makes it even more
fun, according to its owner. “Being quiet, people look at it more than if it
was noisy—and ...
EVLN: Audi EVs are to be built at its plants across/around the world
Audi will build electric vehicles at its plants across the world, including
sites in Mexico and Hungary, the premium carmaker said on Wednesday,
detailing its ...
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