% It is possible that their Japan-made EVs were not quality inspected
properly. IMO, Nissan's gone-cheap (improper inspection) efforts have bitten
them for 25B yen (£167M/US$220M).  Later, when these EVs are re-sold as used
in other countries (i.e., .au, .nz, .sa, etc.) buyers should check that
these vehicles past their re-inspection. %

Nissan Is Recalling All the New Cars It Sold in Japan Over the Last 3 Years
Oct 3rd, 2017  Reuters

Nissan Motor will recall all 1.2 million new passenger cars it sold in Japan
over the past three years after discovering final vehicle inspections were
not performed by authorized technicians, it said on Monday.

The recall is the second major misconduct incident involving a Japanese
automaker ... The recall includes all of the 386,000 passenger vehicles
Nissan sold in Japan in 2016. It excludes Nissan-branded mini-vehicles,
which are produced by Mitsubishi Motors ...

Auto dealers must register all such vehicles with Japan’s government before
delivery, with owners renewing the registrations of passenger vehicles every
three years ...
[© 2017 Time]

Nissan to recall all new cars sold in Japan in last 3 years
October 2, 2017  YOKOHAMA (Reuters)
Japan transport ministry raids two Nissan plants over improper checks
October 3, 2017  TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan’s transport ministry said on
Wednesday it had carried out spot inspections at two plants producing Nissan
... vehicles as part of a probe into final checks, days after irregularities
forced the automaker to recall 1.2 million cars sold in Japan ...
Nissan recalls 1.3 million Japan vehicles for re-inspections
Oct 2, 2017  Nissan is recalling 1.2 million vehicles in Japan that were
produced between October 2014 and September this year to re-inspect them as
they had not gone through the proper final checks ... 
Nissan faces $220m hit from Japanese recall
3 October 2017 - Nissan will recall 1.2 million vehicles in Japan after
regulators said safety checks did not meet domestic requirements ...

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