EVLN: Canadian pro& con EV writers' debate/views (v)
Jonathan Kay: Get an electric car to free yourself from the tendrils of big
government ...
Terence Corcoran: ice greatness will continue to blow away the namby-pamby
green electric cars ...
EVLN: Electric cars are some of fastest-selling used vehicles in the U.S.
The tiny electric car takes just 22.2 days on average to sell on dealer
lots. The Fiat 500e's average used sale price is $9,055, and wholesale
auction prices of ...
EVLN: ELF human-hybrid e-trike used to promo Oregon Drive Less Challenge
Gorge gets challenged to 'Drive Less'
The ELF is made in North Carolina and there is a dealer in Portland. ...
Grand prizes include one of three “GenZe” electric bikes, or a $500 cash
card ...

Nissan's recall> (countries that import used Leaf EVs from Japan
1.2M cars sold in Japan over the past 3 years recalled ... final vehicle
inspections were not performed by authorized technicians ...
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